Construction Materials

Custom Products

Vulcan Materials Company supplies custom mixes, products and solutions that can help developers and architects meet their project challenges, and reduce their overall construction costs. These mixes can be designed to meet project strength and pumpability. Vulcan's low-carbon concrete products are designed for indoor or outdoor applications.

The assortment of custom products makes Vulcan and our subsidiaries the right choice for professionals who require quality concrete products, with performance that surpasses other traditional products.

Architectural Concrete: COLORFAST EF™

COLORFAST EF™ - Environmentally Friendly Color Mixes - High performance, vibrant, and environmentally friendly concrete color mixes that will add beauty, value and sustainability to your project. (*Available at California)

Colorfast EF consists of environmentally friendly color mixes that reduce the carbon footprint of concrete structures, contributes toward LEED certification with the use of “recycled materials,” conserves natural resources, and reduces pollutants for all types of decorative concrete applications. Colorfast EF is a durable, rich-colored ready mix concrete product that is designed for any indoor or outdoor architectural application.


  • Unmatched color consistency
  • Colorfast EF™ Colors don’t fade
  • 50% reduction of CO2 in concrete production
  • 50% recycled materials (LEED)
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Increased strength
  • improved workability
  • Easier to pump, place and finish

More information is available at Central Concrete Supply CO., Inc. in California.

Architectural Concrete (Colored Concrete)

At Vulcan, we supply a full line of custom and off-the-shelf concrete solutions at all of our ready-mixed locations.

Concrete can be enhanced to a stunning and broad variation of colors. At Vulcan, we supply a full line of decorative concrete solutions at all of our ready-mix concrete locations using 3 different processes based on the desired effects and project type.

Integral Color: State-of-the-art liquid color dispensing technology. This technology offers both strength and beauty to vertical or horizontal construction projects. This process is only available at Vulcan’s Central Concrete operation in northern California at this time.

Color Stain and Hardener: In this process, stains and hardeners are applied in the hardened or plastic state and provide a more uniform and more intensely colored surface, as well as durability and enhanced water and weather resistance.

Exposed Aggregate: Revealing the natural aggregate color and texture is a great way to provide a weathered and natural look to your concrete surface. We can provide an array of local and specialty aggregates to meet the desired aesthetic of your project.



Pervious pavement is a unique cement-based concrete product that has a porous structure that allows rainwater to pass directly through the pavement and into the soil naturally. When used for pavement of parking lots, driveways and sidewalks, pervious concrete provides an environmental benefit and an alternative storm water management option. Not only can pervious concrete reduce storm water runoff, it can also eliminate the need for retention basins, thus limiting the amount of unusable land in large development projects.

More Sustainable and Durable Pervious Concrete

Vulcan can incorporate admixtures into its pervious concrete mix that enhance workability and durability, as well as increase the efficiency of the installation process. For more information, contact your sales representative

Environmental and Economical Advantages:

  • Available in many color choices to enable color coordination with buildings and landscape.
  • Pervious Concrete can contribute to the LEED Storm Water Management credit
  • Light colored surfaces are cooler, safer, and energy efficient (reduced lighting demand)
  • Economical choice for the long term, because of its strength, durability and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Meet storm water management & first flush pollution prevention criteria (Infiltration BMP).
  • Reduce or eliminate storm sewer tie-ins.
  • Durable –30 year + life.
  • No extra SWPP devices.
  • Reduced grading reduces engineering time and construction time and expense.
  • Reduces pollution, as the major organic component of parking area runoff is the hydrocarbons (oils) from the asphalt binder of the parking area itself.


SITE-SET™ - Performance Solutions for Ready-Mix Concrete Helps Accelerate Concrete Setting Time

Beat the Cold

Concrete has setting characteristics that can be negatively affected by low air temperatures, resulting in extended setting times and increased labor costs.

Accelerate Performance

Site Set™ reduces setting time in ready-mixed

concrete by up to 50% while providing the

following benefits:

  • Non-chloride. Will not promote corrosion of reinforcing steel embedded in concrete.
  • Designed to reduce setting time challenges.

Save Money

  • Reduced in-place concrete costs.
  • Increased labor savings.
  • Faster project turn around time.
  • Safe to utilize in all colored concrete mixes.


SITE-FRESH™ - Extends the time limit for ready-mixed concrete on hot days.

Controls Concrete Set Time - Beat the Heat – Buy Some Time

Forms a protective barrier around cement particles that prevents loss in slump and improves workability and finishability in delayed deliveries and extreme summer temperatures.

Improved Surface and Finishability

Minimizes surface crusting and plastic shrinkage cracking during concrete placement.


Site Fresh® helps prevent concrete problems on the job site caused by delays in transportation or placement beyond a certain time limit.


All concrete should be cured to maximize strength and quality, and minimize cracking. Refer to ACI 308 “Guide to Curing Concrete.”



The Site Engineered Solution for Fast and Efficient Fill Applications - Superior Control

Provides flowable fill, controlled density fill, controlled low strength materials, non-shrink backfill, slurry and trench fill.

One Solution

The solution to all your placement concerns from self-leveling to dry pack, non-flowing fill materials.

More Efficient

Ideal for use in congested and restricted-access areas, eliminating the need for compacted soil or conventional backfill.


For all types of fill applications including fast set. Low compressive 50-300 psi strength is ideal when excavatable backfill is necessary.


FLOW-N-GO™ - Disperse easily into tight spots and through complicated reinforcement, consolidate on its own, while eliminating “bug holes” and voids, requiring little to no vibration.


HYCRETE W1000™, HYCRETE W501™ - Waterproof Construction, Membrane-Free Technologically advanced admixtures combined with comprehensive service ensure long-term, membrane-free, water-tight construction. (* Available at  California and Washington, D.C.)



ULTRABLOCK™ - Vulcan’s Central Concrete and Right Away Redy Mix, in California are working to recycle its “returned concrete” to produce concrete blocks. These blocks are then used for developing Ultrablock™ and Stoneterra™ Retaining Wall System.

Re-using our Returned Concrete

These “green” building products are available in 18 different shapes and sizes of segmental retaining wall blocks using 100% post-consumer recycled concrete material.

Did You Know?

A concrete producer in the United States has an average of 1 to 2.5% of “returned concrete” to handle. A plant with 100,000 yards of annual volume could end up with over 2,000 yards of “returned concrete.” This concrete is typically disposed of, potentially creating harmful effects for the environment. Central Concrete and Right Away Redy Mix have set a target of zero waste. They are working with customers to make sure they more accurately predict the concrete needed, and when there is left-over concrete they are employing various strategies to reuse and recycle the materials.