Construction Materials

Asphalt Paving Materials

Vulcan is a leading producer of asphalt paving mixtures, consisting of construction aggregates, asphalt binder, additives and modifiers.

Asphalt was first used in this country just after the Civil War. Today, it is the paving surface for approximately 94% of our paved roads and highways. Asphalt also remains a popular surface for parking lots, driveways, walking trails and bike paths.

Vulcan owns and operates asphalt production facilities primarily in major metropolitan areas of California and Texas. We also produce asphalt in Alabama, Arizona, New Mexico and Tennessee. In markets where we do not sell asphalt, we work closely with local producers who do.

The exact mix of ingredients is customized for each project based on a number of factors, including local weather patterns and expected traffic conditions. When expert assistance is required, our Technical Services personnel routinely work with customers and specifiers to optimize mix designs.

To locate an asphalt facility in your area and speak to a sales representative, use our Facilities Map.