Construction Materials

Inert Materials Acceptance

We strive to reclaim and reuse our quarries where reserves have been depleted and the facility is no longer producing aggregates.

In some locations, typically urban, this process of reclamation allows us to provide our customers with a place to deposit inert fill materials and helps transform depleted mining sites back into useful and productive properties. Many of our reclamation facilities are located on or near our recycling and aggregates production facilities. This translates into convenience and cost savings for our customers, who can use the same truck to transport needed products back to a particular job site. In addition, valuable space in nearby landfills is conserved.

In addition to receiving broken concrete and asphalt, our inert fill materials facilities accept:

  • Uncontaminated sand and soils
  • Brick
  • Concrete block
  • Rock

To find out more about local recycling requirements and speak to a sales representative, use our Facilities Map.