About Vulcan


Vulcan Materials Company is an international producer of construction materials essential to the standard of living of advanced and developing societies.

Our Mission is to provide quality products and services which consistently meet our customers’ expectations; to be responsible stewards with respect to the safety and environmental impact of our operations and products; and to earn superior returns for our shareholders.

We recognize that success in all of our activities is related directly to the talents, dedication and performance of our employees throughout the Company.

Guiding Principles

Integrity: We will work constantly to earn the respect and trust of all parties we interact with by acting fairly and honorably. We will observe high ethical standards and obey all laws and regulations.

Excellence: We are committed to excellence in all of our activities. We value innovation. We intend to maintain a position of leadership in each of our industries.

People: We will maintain a high respect for people – for their dignity, their talents and their interests.


Following are our commitments, which embody goals we strive to obtain, and the core values that guide our conduct.

We will be a good corporate citizen in each community in which we operate. We will support and take an active part in public and charitable projects.

We will respect the dignity of each of our employees and deal with them fairly. We will strive to maintain an environment that encourages our employees to develop their talents, exercise creativity and achieve superior performance. We will keep our compensation programs at fair and competitive levels. Employment and advancement will be based on qualifications, performance and organizational needs. We will maintain a firm commitment to employee health and safety.

We will strive to be the low-cost producer in our industry and to be the standard-setter with regard to quality, service and technical support.

We will provide technical and educational assistance so that customers may use our products in an efficient, safe and environmentally proper manner. We will maintain a steadfast commitment to minimize any adverse impacts our activities have on the environments in which we operate. We will comply with all environmental laws and regulations.

We will compete vigorously in our industry while maintaining a strict regard for compliance in all respects with the antitrust laws.

We will maintain a strong commitment to regional autonomy in our company consistent with high accountability and performance. Corporate and group staffs will be kept lean and highly competent so that their contributions will add value to results of the Divisions without restricting the initiative and accountability of our managers. Corporate, group and divisional relationships will be characterized by goodwill, teamwork and open communications.

We are determined to achieve superior rates of return on the capital our shareholders have entrusted to us. We intend to rank in the top quartile of U.S. industrial companies as measured by profitability and growth in earnings. We will aggressively pursue profitable growth opportunities through extension of existing product lines, addition of new products, development of greenfield sites and business acquisitions.