Construction Materials

Agricultural, Chemical and Industrial Materials

There are literally thousands of non-construction applications for aggregates that help enhance our quality of life.

Vulcan Materials Company also mines for non-construction aggregates. Our quarry in Brooksville, Florida produces high calcium and magnesium stone, also known as chemical stone. It is also used in a variety of environmental and industrial applications. Examples of these applications include water treatment, flue gas desulfurization and ferrous metals productions. Chemical stone is used to remove undesirable products from stack exhausts at coal-fired utilities. It is also used in everyday products such as paint, rubber, carpet, tile, make-up, plastics, paper, roofing, toothpaste and digestion aids.

Our Hanover Quarry in Pennsylvania offers a unique limestone product that is ideal for use in agriculture. Referred to as ag-lime, it is used in areas with moderate to heavy rainfall, where the soil tends to become acidic over time. Proper application of ag-lime helps neutralize acid in the soil. Ag-lime also increases the efficiency of fertilizer nutrients and the effectiveness of some herbicides, resulting in higher sustained soil productivity.

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