Learning and Development

We believe learning is a critical part of every employee’s job, and we encourage all employees to expand and explore new territories for continued growth, and we take pride in leading our industry with respect to training and developing our employees. Vulcan training programs are developed using internal knowledge and expertise, and we are continually updating and improving the programs and offerings based on business and employee needs.

Course Topics Available to Vulcan Employees, in addition to others:

Leadership and Supervisory Training

  • Behavioral Interviewing
  • Coaching and Team Building
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Diversity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Employment Law


  • Managing Difficult Employees
  • Media Awareness
  • Mentoring Program
  • Motivation
  • Navigating Change
  • Performance Management
  • Time Management

Operations Training

  • Plant Optimization
  • Plant Processing
  • Productive Maintenance
  • Drilling and Blasting


  • Hauling and Loading
  • Continuous Improvement and Lean
  • Plant Operator Certification Training

Sales Training

  • Vulcan Sales Training
  • Negotiation Skills

Technical Training

  • Computer Skills
  • Product Knowledge
  • Systems Training
  • Finance

In addition to internal programs, Vulcan employees attend external courses and workshops targeted at improving skills for today and developing the skills necessary for future advancement.