Social Responsibility

Safety, Health & Environment

Protecting the safety and health of our employees and being responsible stewards of the environment are essential priorities for Vulcan, and compliance with safety, health and environmental laws and regulations is the minimum standard of performance.

A senior-level executive, the vice president of Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE), is responsible for this function. Oversight is provided by the executive SHE Management Committee and the Board of Directors’ SHE Committee, which is composed exclusively of outside directors.

Vulcan’s operating Divisions each have separate safety, health and environmental departments and staff. The divisional SHE departments have responsibility for supporting all of the operations within their division on SHE issues. The corporate SHE group coordinates communication between the seven divisions, executive management and the Board of Directors, and provides additional management oversight for the Divisions.

The SHE Management Committee is responsible for all safety, health and environmental issues that Vulcan addresses. Vulcan’s senior vice president and general counsel chairs the committee, which meets at least quarterly. SHE issues are discussed with the SHE Committee of the Board of Directors at least twice annually, and a summary performance report is given to the full Board of Directors at each of its five meetings held through the year.

In accordance with the commitment expressed in Vulcan's mission statement, the Board of Directors approved the following:

Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

As approved by the Board, Vulcan’s SHE policy applies companywide, including all subsidiaries. It affirms that Vulcan will be a responsible steward with respect to the safety, health and environmental impact of our operations and products. Accordingly, we will:

  • Strive to produce our products safely and make concern for public health and the protection of the environment integral parts of Vulcan’s operations.
  • Endeavor to provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Reduce waste, conserve energy and recycle materials, to the extent practicable, and dispose of, or treat, waste responsibly.
  • Provide education, training and leadership to employees to enable and motivate them to understand and comply with applicable law and these policies.
  • Conduct reviews of safety, health and environmental practice at Vulcan facilities to verify compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to identify and correct operational practices that might impair safety, health or environmental quality at such facilities or in the neighborhoods in which we operate.
  • Promote responsible stewardship of our products with carriers, distributors and customers.
  • Promote the adoption of, and adherence to, sound safety, health and environmental practices by on-site contractors and tenants, directing where appropriate that contractors and tenants take corrective actions.
  • Advocate the development of reasonable, scientifically sound and cost-effective safety, health and environmental laws and regulations that are based on realistic assessments of risk.
  • Support and encourage the development of sound safety, health and environmental standards and practices in the industries in which Vulcan participates.