Social Responsibility

Education Support

Better education builds stronger communities. Our long-standing commitment to support and improve education encompasses K–12 and higher education. Vulcan believes supporting education can help maintain or improve the community’s quality of life and standard of living. For years, it has funded scholarships, vocational training and career advancement for older students, as well as college scholarships and internships for young adults. The Vulcan Scholars program supports the education of numerous college students annually, and an affiliation with the national INROADS organization provides internships to help prepare minority youth for corporate and community leadership.

Our facilities are essentially open-air classrooms for the more than 30,000 schoolchildren and adults who take tours each year. Earth science, math, ecology and mining come alive for students whose schools participate in our nationwide Adopt-A-School program. Students learn by taking part in our Wildlife Habitat educational programs, and we currently provide many scholarships to qualifying students in higher education.