Social Responsibility

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement

Developing wildlife habitat buffer lands around our facilities has been an important environmental program for Vulcan. We now have 44 certified wildlife habitats at sites across North America, placing us among the top two companies in the U.S. and top three internationally.

Many of our operations are located in areas where residential and commercial development has reduced the amount of habitat available for wildlife. In these areas, the portions of Vulcan’s land that remain undeveloped often provide a sanctuary for wildlife that otherwise would not have any safe haven.

In 199o, through cooperative efforts with the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), our Sanders Quarry became the first industrial site in the nation to be certified by WHC as a wildlife habitat. Eight of our 44 sites are additionally certified by WHC as Corporate Lands for Learning in recognition of their outstanding educational and community outreach programs.

The Wildlife Habitat Council was founded in 1988 to restore and improve wildlife environments through the help of corporations, conservation organizations and individuals. WHC is a nonprofit, non-lobbying organization that assists landowners in turning unused lands into environmentally safe and flourishing ecosystems. For more information, visit

Click here for a listing of and links to Vulcan’s WHC Certified Sites.

Lands for Protected Species

Vulcan also provides lands for designated conservation areas for listed and protected species and their habitats. Two examples are detailed below.