Social Responsibility

Environmental Compliance

As stewards of the environment, we also see a fundamental business purpose in our efforts to sustain a high level of environmental performance. Serving growing communities by continuing to operate our facilities while also opening new ones is good for our shareholders, our employees, and the communities that benefit from our presence.

Our comprehensive environmental compliance program ensures that Vulcan operations meet regulatory and permit requirements. Elements of our program include:

  • Necessary training and resources to address environmental requirements are provided to the operations by environmental staff within Vulcan's seven Divisions and at the corporate level.
  • Formalized environmental processes and procedures are deployed as a common resource for all Divisions.
  • Audit and inspection programs review performance of our facilities.
  • Equipment and systems are designed to address environmental issues within our operations.

Vulcan’s environmental performance is reviewed frequently with senior corporate management and Vulcan’s Board of Directors, including formal reviews with the management Safety, Health and Environment Committee, the Board Safety, Health and Environment Committee, and the management groups in Vulcan’s operating divisions. These performance reviews provide a means of communicating issues which may develop and receiving input from management on the effectiveness of the environmental programs.

In addition to the management and oversight of environmental issues provided within Vulcan, our operations are also subject to frequent inspections by a variety of federal, state and local environmental agencies—over a thousand each year.